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Les OGM affectent notre ADN

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Les OGM affectent notre ADN

AD.jpgGuerre tranquille et arme silencieuse: le bioterrorisme financé par nos bons gouvernements!   


Avec la sortie du film de programmation prédictive "World War Z", ajouté à la campagne de prévention du CDC intitulée "Apocalypse zombie", suite à laquelle des exercices de simulation d'attaque de zombies se tiennent dans toutes les grandes villes du monde à chaque année, on peut penser que les mutations génétiques ne sont pas étrangères à l'arrivée d'une génération de zombies! 


De nouvelles études sur les cellules et les organismes génétiquement modifiés (OGM) soulèvent des questions alarmantes puisque ces organismes que l'on trouve partout dans notre alimentation et dans l'environnement créent non seulement des cancers, mais les récentes recherches révèlent qu'ils sont susceptibles d'affecter notre ADN.



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New studies in cell research are bringing up some alarming new questions concerning GMOs, and one of them in particular makes liver failure or cancer seem like child’s play compared to the garish possibilities that arise when we start to look at how genetically modified foods likely affect our DNA.

Let’s get one thing straight, first. All kinds of things can alter our DNA, for the better or worse.Bruce Lipton, a pioneering biology scientist, proved that emotions can change our DNA; research has shown that even exercise or chemotherapy can alter our DNA; ancient cultures have known that sound can affect our DNA; and the newest research states that we aren’t relegated to a specific destiny because of our genes, but it seems our brains are being rewired via DNA to become ‘new humans.’

Our DNA contains two strands of nucleotides that make up its stair-like structure. Each nucleotide contains one of four bases (adenine, thymine, guanine, cytosine) a phosphate group and a sugar molecule. The bases contain nitrogen, which bond in very specific ways. In one species the way the four bases connect to each other are very different than how they will organize in another.

In fact, double stranded RNA (dRNA) GMO created by Monsanto can allegedly turn off certain gene signals and turn on others. Usually, if you put in a Roundup ready gene into a plant, it requires a protein that can make a Roundup ready plant that can resist Roundup and still grow. However, the new dRNA can survive without protein synthesis. This allows the dRNA to alter genes.

In mice who were fed this dRNA, the liver completely changed its cell organization, and the mice grew strangely. The same effects were found when these dRNA were added to human cells. Allegedly, this GMO food can be turning on cancer causing genes, or quiet our immune systems. In other ways, the GMO wheat we are consuming is so different than organic wheat that it is causing us to be addicted to it. Some are calling it bioterrorism for this reason.


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