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Fauci Mails : comment et avec quoi le virus a été éradiqué à Wuhan et sans vaccin

Robert Véra. vit en Equateur, il explique à Fauci comment la maladie qui sévissait dans les fermes de crevettes en 1999, appelée syndrome des points blancs, a pu être vaincue. 

Plus bas dans le mail, il explique clairement le procédé pour vaincre le virus, applicable à Wuhan. 100 millions de litres ont été proposées aux chinois, selon le chercheur.

Est-ce ainsi que la Chine a pu maîtrisé le covid-19 ? SI tel est le cas, et que Fauci n'en a pas tenu compte au profit des labos, nous sommes en présence d'un énorme scandale sanitaire international.

Mail ci-dessous:




My name is Robert Vera. I amEj years old. I live in (b)(6) Ecuador South America. Here in Ecuador in
1999 in shrimp farms in Ecuador there was a lethal disease among shrim p called the white spot virus
syndrome . He appeared in 1999 in Ecuador and made shrimp sick and eliminated them. In China it
appeared in 1993. White spot virus syndrome is caused by a virus from the nimavir idae family that
infects a vi bran parahaemolitycus . I applied more than 10 billion liters of natural and organic biological
molecules of my invention for 10 years from 2002 to 2011 in more than 10 thousand hectares of shrimp
farms. These molecules have antiviral characteristics and inhibit the glycoproteins of viruses. These
glycoproteins are what open cell receptors to infect and replicate. Also these natural molecules invented
in (b)(6) Ecuador in 2001 inhibit the cytokinins that inflame hepatopancreas. Cytokinins cause the
desquamation of epithelial cells from tubules that end up collapsing to the liver and shrimp pancreas.
These viruses infect the parahaernolitycus vibrating bacteria and create an incurable syndrome in the
shrimp. In 2002 we defeated this disease and contro lled it ... with this Ecuador to produce little shrimp,
now in 2019 it is the number one in the world to export shrimp. In the same way, the coronavirus 2019-
nCoV Wuhan infects the pneumococci of the lung and the respiratory syndrome develops. Wuhan
coronavirus is the seventh among the coronaviruses after sars and mers. Another 4 are simpler in
animals that cause the flu. 2019-nCoV causes 2% of deaths. There are 250 dead as of January 31, 2020
and more than 10 thousand infected in China. 20 count ries have infections. It is tr ansmitted even
without symptoms and its incubation is 2 to 14 days.
We can spray with more than 1000 million liters of these virus inhibitory molecules throughout Wuhan .
1 million hectares (10,000 m2) can be fumigated by fumigation planes as they are made in banana
plantations in Ecuador. We can inhibit all viruses with bacteria and biological molecules to inhibit
viruses. And we can give them more than 100 million liters to take for more than 100 million liters for
humans to more than 100 million inhabitants of the entire province of Hubei in China, so that they do
not transm it coronaviruses ... and the seriously ill can also heal They are natural antibacterial, anviral
and antifungal biological molecules ... they are immune regenerati ng cell bioimmunmodulato rs and
immune boosting immune response in immunocompromised people who have diabetes and high blood
pressure. Others may have cytokinin and immunoglobulin problems . We can finish with the 2019-nCoV
Wuhan in the environment and in humans so be found in the lungs whose epithelial cells are already
collapsing with an increase in inflammation and difficulty breathing . We can beat the coronav iruses 

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