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Historique : Grève générale illimitée à Oakland aux Etats-Unis !

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Historique : Grève générale illimitée à Oakland aux Etats-Unis !



C’est historique aux Etats-Unis, la grève générale a été votée par les manifestants Californiens (inspirés des Occupy Wall Street) le 26 octobre dernier dans la ville de Oakland après une violente répression policière. Un manifestant avait été gravement blessé à la tête alors que la police faisait usage de balles lestées pour disperser les campeurs.  Réunis sur la place Oscar Grant les 1607 votants ont massivement voté pour la grève générale. [1484 pour, 77 abstentions, 46 contre]. L’appel de l’assemblée est radical « Toutes les banques et les grandes entreprises devront fermer pour la journée ou nous marcherons sur elles ». Objectif annoncé, libérer Oakland des 1%.

Des actions de masses et piquets de grèves sont prévus toute la journée. Actualutte publiera un nouvel article dans la soirée.

Voici l’appel traduit en français : 


Nous invitons tous les étudiants à sortir des écoles. Les travailleurs au lieu d’aller au travail, les étudiants au lieu d’aller à l’école, les gens vont converger vers le centre-ville d’Oakland et paralyserons la ville.

Toutes les banques et les entreprises devraient fermer pour la journée ou nous marcherons sur elles.

Alors que nous appelons à une grève générale, nous demandons aussi beaucoup plus. Les gens qui sont organisés dans leurs quartiers, les écoles, les organismes communautaires, groupes d’affinité, les lieux de travail et les familles sont encouragés à s’organiser eux-mêmes d’une manière qui leur permette de participer à la paralysie de la ville.

Le monde entier regarde Oakland. Montrons-leur ce qui est possible.

Le Conseil de coordination de la grève commencera à se réunir tous les jours à 17 heures sur la place Oscar Grant devant l’Assemblée générale à 19 heures. Tous les participants à la grève sont conviés. Restez à l’écoute pour plus d’informations.

Source : actualutte


How YOU can Participate in the General Strike with Wikistrike !


called for by Occupy Oakland

Occupy Oakland is calling for no work and no school on November 2 as part of the general strike. We are asking that all workers go on strike, call in sick, take a vacation day or simply walk off the job with their co-workers. We are also asking that all students walk out of school and join workers and community members in downtown Oakland. All banks and large corporations must close down for the day or demonstrators will march on them.

The Occupy Oakland Strike Assembly has vowed to picket and or occupy any business or school which disciplines employees or students in any way for participating in the Nov 2 General Strike. Please email if you are the subject of any disciplinary action.

Occupy Oakland recognizes that not all workers, students and community members will feel able to strike all day long on November 2, and we welcome any form of participation which they feel is appropriate. We urge them to join us before or after work or during their lunch hours.

Below are some action ideas for strike participants to consider:

Gather in Downtown Oakland to help Shut Down the City

Join the Mass Gatherings at 14th & Broadway 9:00am, 12:00pm, 5:00pm. Strike Rallies will be held at these times with political speakers as well as time for open mic so that everyone can make their voices heard. There will also be action announcements made from the stage on this intersection for those who are interested in participating in pickets and shut downs of banks and large corporations.

Lead a march from your neighborhood, workplace, school, community center, place of worship etc into downtown Oakland to join one of these three mass gatherings. Have fun and be loud along the way to let people know why you are marching downtown!

Form a mobile blockade or flying picket that can take over important intersections in downtown with street parties and other creative ways to make our voices heard and shut the city down.

There will be numerous pickets and actions at banks and corporations across downtown but we need more! Get a group of friends, family members, co-workers or fellow students together to form an affinity group and make your voice heard and your presence felt at any of these locations in downtown. Let the stage on 14th & Broadway know about your action so they can announce it to the crowd.

There are many other autonomous actions planned for the day that will be occurring throughout downtown. One of them is the anti-capitalist march at 2pm meeting at the intersection of Telegraph & Broadway and another is the Feminist & Queer bloc against capitalism that will meet at 4:30 at 14th & Broadway.

Join the marches from downtown to shut down the Port of Oakland. These marches will be leaving at 4pm and another will be leaving at 5pm for the 2 mile march out to the port to stand in solidarity with the longshore workers and shut down the evening shift of the port.

Join the 4pm Critical Mass ride from 14th & Broadway out to the Port to join the shut down

Best not to drive into downtown: It is likely that many streets will be blocked to traffic so please bike or take public transportation if possible. It will also be useful to have a bicycle to move between actions or to march to the port.

Take Action in Your Own Neighborhoods and Communities

Gather neighbors, co-workers, or fellow students together and organize group walks and small marches around the neighborhood to have fun, raise awareness and encourage others to join you in the streets! Bring noise makers, signs, banners and let your community know why your are participating in the strike.

Stop at banks, large businesses, chain stores, gas stations, corporate headquarters, large commercial media outlets, etc. to protest and picket

Gather in neighborhood centers and on the corners of main intersections to hold speak outs, BBQs and street parties – make your voice heard and raise awareness by reclaiming space where fellow community members can join you and talk about the issues that affect them most and how we can organize together to build a powerful movement

If you must shop, only spend money at locally owned stores and as much as possible purchase locally-produced goods

Nonprofit and Community Organizations

Use your personal and organizational social media accounts (websites, facebook, linked-in, electronic newsletters, etc) to support the actions and keep your constituencies updated about what is going on in the streets of Oakland.

In the event of police violence, use your organization to denounce police repression and call for the release of all arrested strikers.

Provide resources for your staff to participate: allow time away to participate in direct actions; encourage work on projects aligned with general strike and occupy goals, host sign and banner making parties!

Be Prepared

Bring materials to make signs: Banner material. cardboard, poster paper, markers, paint, spray paint tape, dowels, etc

Bring food and water to share!

Bring noise makers, instruments, sound systems and other ways that we can transform downtown into a celebration of our collective power

Write this legal number down on your body in case of arrest: 415.285.1011 The number will be staffed al day long and will coordinate legal support for those arrested in the strike.

Remember these four common points that the General Strike Assembly has agreed upon:

Solidarity with the world-wide Occupy movement!

End police attacks on our communities!

Defend Oakland schools and libraries!

Against an economic system built on colonialism, inequality and corporate power that perpetuates all forms of oppression and the destruction of the environment!

A Few Chants For the Strike

“Strike, Occupy, Shut it Down! Oakland is the People’s Town”

“Every Hour, Every Day! The occupation is here to stay!”

“Occupy Everything! Liberate Oakland”

“Politicians & Bankers, Liars & Thieves, We’re taking it back! We’re not saying please!”

“No more cops, we don’t need ‘em! All we want is total freedom”

“Shut Down OPD! Not the Public Library!”

“Let’s Go Oakland! Let’s Go!” [clap] [clap]



 Joseph Kirchner for Wikistrike

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