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Puissant orage magnétique en cours

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Puissant orage magnétique en cours


Solar X-ray Flux

3-day Solar Xray Flux graph

This plot shows 3-days of 5-minute solar x-ray flux values measured on the SWPC primary GOES satellite. One low value may appear prior to eclipse periods. Click on the plot to open an updating secondary window. 6-hour 1-min Solar X-ray Flux plot.

Satellite Environment Plot

3-day Satellite Environment graph and image map.

Boulder K plot

Proton Flux from GOES-13, Electron Flux and GOES Hp from GOES-13 & GOES-15

The Satellite Environment Plot combines satellite and ground-based data to provide an overview of the current geosynchronous satellite environment. Click on a data panel to open an updating secondary window. An updating Satellite Environment Plot window is also available.

Although these data are of interest to the satellite community, they do not include all parameters and energy ranges known to be associated with satellite anomalies. See related information from the NOAA POES satellite -- Auroral Activity EstimatesRelative Intensities of Energetic Particles, and Solar Protons.


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